Hosanna's Vision, Mission, and Values

Hosanna's Vision and Mission
Hosanna's Vision and Mission

Our Vision

In response to Christ’s saving grace, we will nurture and energize the faith of all, and reach out to welcome everyone to our Christian family through vibrant ministries of worship, discipleship, fellowship, and outreach.

Our Mission

As a Christian family of faith, we are gathered to grow and sent to serve.

Our Hosanna's Values
Our Hosanna's Values

The values we hold as most important for Hosanna are:

• An intergenerational ministry
• Hospitality and fellowship
• Growing faith in Jesus
• Grace-centered worship
• Varied music ministry
• Genuine acceptance of all
• Service with compassion

Our Core Beliefs
Our Core Beliefs

•  God is our creator
•  Jesus Christ is God’s son and our Savior
•  The Holy Spirit empowers us to be a community of disciples, teaching and bringing others to Jesus
•  Temptation and the devil are a reality in the world
•  The Ten Commandments are valuable as a guide for our lives
•  Though we are sinners, we are forgiven, renewed and saved by God’s grace in Jesus’ death and resurrection
•  The Bible is the inspired word of God
•  Faith is a journey and studying the Bible, confessing the creeds and the Lutheran confessions helps us grow in our faith
•  We are called by God to love and serve others.
•  We are to use our God given gifts with generosity and compassion in response to human need

Hosanna is a congregation of the Southeastern Minnesota Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church In America