Activate Faith with a Curriculum Kids Love!

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SPARK is a Sunday school faith formation program that gets children excited about God’s Word. Spark Lessons bring to life 150  stories from the Old and New Testament through games, art, music, and science to accommodate all the different ways kids learn.
SPARK Lectionary follows stories in the Revised Common Lectionary. Throughout the three-year cycle, each lesson comes from a  Bible story in the Old Testament, the Gospels, or Acts. This model is designed for classroom use and it connects readings from worship with Sunday school. 


9:15—10:00               Classroom
10:00—10:15             Music
Grades 1—6
9:15—9:35                Music
9:35—10:15              Classroom
Grades 7—8
9:15—10:15               Classroom
High School
9:15—10:15              Classroom


Grades 1-2  The Lord’s Prayer           
Grades 3-4   Old Testament Books of the Bible      
Grades 5-6   Apostle’s Creed        
You may contact members of the Sunday School Team listed below for more information.
Sunday School Team
 Deanna Jestus 507-251-9447 
Mandi Mora
Kari Larsen


Young children, assisted by  middle school youth and adult
leaders, have the opportunity to create while their
parents/grandparents listen to the sermon during worship.
If you have questions or are interested in assisting, please contact Darcy Youngstrom.
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