The story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den

It was held on March 19, 2017 during worship 

Hosanna’s 2017 intergenerational musical, Rescue in the Night, was a light-hearted, but faithful rendition of the Biblical story of Daniel, a story of courage and obedience to God. The cast included seven elementary – high school youth and eleven adults who portrayed:

Daniel, who is modest and sincere; the flamboyant King Darius and three conniving Advisors – Astrofar, the Royal Astrologer; Taxalot, the Keeper of the Vault; and Crushafo, the Captain of the Guard. Also important to the script, are the People of Babylon and of course, the hungry, man-eating beasts – the Lions.   

It’s a tale of greed, jealousy and evil plotting for personal gain. A royal decision had unexpected consequences.  And Daniel’s faithfulness to God triumphs with the miracle of his amazing rescue from the mouths of lions.

In addition to presenting the musical at both worship services, the cast went to Samaritan Bethany for an outreach performance in the afternoon.