A vital piece of Hosanna’s local community outreach began as the “hotdish project” in memory of Susan Kinter, a member who died in 2010. Her family donated money to Hosanna and women from the Morning Bible Study group purchased a small freezer. They then got together to make hot dishes for members who were ill, going through other difficult life transitions or had a family member who was ill or who had died. After the hotdishes are prepared, they are frozen until they are needed, and then they’re distributed with a printed prayer. Now all members of the congregation are welcome to share the hotdishes where ever they see a need.

Our pastor saw a need to give the hotdishes to the families from the community who caoe to Hosanna for help as well.  With the permission of the group of women who started the program, now known as “Susan’s Suppers,” hotdishes are given out to families in need as well as to our Hosanna families. Almost 200 hotdishes are distributed each year to both congregation and community members.  The coordinators listed below maintained our supply of hotdishes by encouraging small groups of friends, family members, Bible study groups and youth groups at Hosanna to sign up to do the cooking each month. They provide the instructions, recipes and shopping lists so the volunteers just need to do the cooking.

Sinde Finnegan and Alice Baumgard are the overall coordinator of Susan’s Suppers. You may contact them with questions or for more information.