Hosanna’s Red Cross Shelter Team is a trained group of individuals that may be called upon to open a shelter at Hosanna during an emergency. The primary purpose of a Red Cross shelter is to provide temporary housing and food. Our shelter has been activated three times since 2006.  In 2007, the shelter was open for five days due to flooding; in 2010, the shelter was open for two days due to flooding; and in 2015, the shelter was open for four days due to an apartment fire. In addition, Hosanna’s shelter team has been put on alert on numerous occasions. Thank you to the congregation for its support. Check out the SE Minnesota Chapter of the American Red Cross to learn more.

Currently, there are 28 members on the team: Barb Anderson, Diane Click, Julie Edvenson, Ron Fess, Kelly Gangelhoff, Lou Hermansen, Jane Johnson, Keith Johnson, Kristina Johnson, Lisa King, Paige Linquist, Laurie Maidl, Matt McKay, Pastor Bill Meiers, Sonja Meiers, Lisa Nordman, Gene Ohnstad, Kristi Pesch, Leon Plantz, Judy Ruegg, Barb Schepp, Stephanie Stevens, Bill Weis, Karla Weis, Beth Wiegand and Niel Wiegand.

Thank you to the congregation for its support.

You may contact Jane Johnson, Shelter Team Manager  (507-252-8287) for more information about how to be a part of Hosanna’s Red Cross Shelter team.