Youth Works Mission Trips

Madison, Wisconsin

July 10-13, 2016

Nineteen Hosanna members drove to Madison, WI for 3 days of service, spiritual growth, fellowship and fun. We stayed at Lake Edge United Church of Christ, sleeping in the basement on air mattresses. Our Youthworks staff was the Collins family, Jeff and Helen (both teachers) and their 3 children Kila, Bennie & Armani. Jessica (JJ) was our service projects coordinator. There were also 17 people from a church in Colombia, MO and a family of 4 from Springfield, IL.

The theme for our trip was “live like Jesus” using the Bible story the Good Samaritan. We had devotions every morning and evening based on the theme and there was always “kid time” and “parent time” and fun evening activities. We made meals together and served together both indoors and outdoors. We sang praise songs and we even had a foot washing service the last night. Both kids and adults learned from each other and had many memorable experiences to share.

Members who participated were: Barb & Paul Anderson and their granddaughter, Sylvia Romme; James, Julie and Ashley Edvenson; Dale & Kelly Gangelhoff; Chris, Amy, Sam and Ben Johnson; Aaron & Andrew Neshem; Maddy Stevens; Barb, Kevin and Kia Schepp and Nancy Wales.

Trip coordinators were Barb Anderson and Barb Schepp.

Check out the Youth Works website for more information about upcoming family mission trips.