Family Promise Rochester (formerly IHN) is a network of volunteers from 49 faith communities who offer food and shelter to families who find themselves homeless.  They continue to have strong support at Hosanna.  The network operates 365 days a year and has room for 14 people. Check out their facebook page to learn more.

Hosanna’s ministry team provides support by helping four weeks a year when families are hosted at Mount Olive Lutheran Church.  Volunteers provide meals, and serve as evening and overnight hosts.  During the summer team members also help by mowing lawns and doing yard work at the day center.  Hosanna contributes at least $500 each year to the support of Family Promise Rochester.

The Ministry Team includes:  Barb Anderson, Chuck & Carol Austin, Jane Johnson, Keith Johnson, Sally Nelson, Dale Nelson, Lisa Nordman, Beth Weigand and Niel Weigand.

Sally Nelson and Lisa Nordman are the co-coordinators. You may contact them for more information about how to get involved at 507-269-0435 or 507-281-4981.