A Stephen Minister Is…

A Stephen Minister is a trained lay member of the congregation who will visit with you weekly, listen, offer resources and referrals if needed, pray with and for you, and offer Christian love and support.

They are caring, supportive Christian people who have a desire to be with you in a time of need, grief, or crisis.

Do I Really Need Care?

  • Am I confused about events in my life?
  • Do I feel like I have lost control of my life and my problems?
  • Do I doubt God’s presence and love for me?
  • Am I hurting?
  • Do my job worries seem too great to handle? Are they getting me down?
  • Am I feeling lonely? Do I often wish I had someone to share my thoughts with?
  • Have there been changes in my life that have caused readjustments in my lifestyle?
  • Am I having difficulty making decisions and finding answers?
  • Have I recently suffered a loss?
  • Do I ever feel like I just want someone to listen?

Can a Stephen Minister Help Me?

  • “I didn’t know what to expect from my Stephen Minister, but he put me at ease. I had a friend I could trust and who really cared about me. My caregiver showed me how to work things out for myself and patience to let me do it.”
  • “When I really needed a friend, my Stephen Minister was there. We cried together a lot, prayed together, talked, and now we laugh together.”
  • “…I wanted answers and she asked questions. She knew how to see things a new way and her questions helped me find my own answers. I thought God had forgotten me, but my Stephen Minister helped me grow close to God. She loves me. So does God. So do I.”
  • “I wish the whole world was made up of people like my caregiver… Christians with God’s own heart.”

Who Do I Call?

If you are in need of a Stephen Minister or know someone who is, or if you would like to learn more about the program, you may call Hosanna at 507-285-0092. Check out the national Stephen Ministry program as well to learn more.

Stephen Leaders are:    

Pastor Bill Meiers, 507-285-0092

Ron Machacek, 507-285-9738

Stephen Ministers are: 

Ray Ashworth, 507 251-5370
Barb Anderson, 507-951-6848
Mary Dirksen, 507-254-4988
Sandy Henslin, 507-282-9342 

If you'd like to contact a Stephen Leader or Stephen Minister please email one of the contacts below.

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