Standing Committees/Teams

Advocate – Les Fullem

Please use the contact form to reach members of the standing committees below.

Audit Committee Trever Sand, Kelly Gangelhoff, Kevin Schepp
Business & Finance Committee Paul Anderson, Lisa King, Alice Kub, Laurie Maidl, John Ruegg, Trever Sand, Pastor Meiers
Memorials & Trust Committee Paul Anderson, Tina Livingston, Trever Sand, Kevin Schepp
Mutual Ministry Committee Mark Ingebretson, Roxanne Darnell, Karl Dirksen, Larry Larsen
Nominating committee Karl Dirksen, Larry Larsen, Steph Stevens, Bill Weis, Rachel Gray
Personnel Committee Kelly Gangelhoff, Jim Hansen, Ray Ashworth, Doug Chadwick
Properties Committee Chris Johnson, Shannon Gray, Guy Griesmann, Dale Nelson, Leon Plantz
Technology Team Chris Johnson, Brian Olson
Website Team Barb Anderson, Chris Johnson, Rob Larsen, Jodi Solum, Darcy Youngstrom


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